Orphanages in Baja California


All the Orphanages (Casas Hogar) are overseen by the Social and Family Services department of the Government. Sistema para el desarrollo integral de la familia (DIF) regulates the quality of life provided to the children, and places orphaned, endangered or displaced children in the Casa Hogar. However, the government does not support the Casa Hogar financially. The burden of feeding, clothing, educating and caring for the children is left to the ingenuity of the individual Casa.

They are wholly dependent on the charitable giving of individuals, organizations and Churches. Each month the casa directors wage an endless battle to supply the needs of their children. Nearly all Casa Hogar are faith based civil associations that try to bring love and hope to the children.

With time and resources at a premium, the chance for the children to gain the experiences and life-skills most people share are very limited. Some excellent organizations are reaching across the border to try and assist in meeting individual Casa Hogar consumable monthly needs. They are providing much needed products such as food, clothing, health supplies, household items and administrative office needs. Genesis has focused its activities on providing life-long changes to the children through educational enrichments and life-skills. These experiences are similar to what families try to provide their own children. Experiences to help them learn and grow into productive, caring members of society.

Since each of these homes is unique, Genesis has made it a priority to understand the differences so we can be more efficient at directing our programs and act as a conduit of information and resources as others wish to help.

Genesis encourages people to become involved with the Casa Hogar and help them in any way they can. Genesis operates customized Church Mission and Service Adventure programs to a variety of Casa Hogar throughout Baja. This is our way of providing direct opportunities for involvement while helping to supplement our on-going programs through your generosity. Get acquainted with the Orphanages through Genesis, then get involved.

If you would like to contact a specific home or shelter, and you do not have current contact information, Genesis will help you get in touch with the particular Casa Hogar of your interest. Genesis does not administrate or operate any orphanages.


Baja California


Tijuana County

Tijuana DIF Address:
Via Rapida Pte. y Blvd Las Americas 12693
Tijuana, B.C.
Pres. Zarema Labastida de Vega

Rosarito, Tecate & Mexicali Counties

Rosarito DIF Address:
Blvd. Benito Juarez y Roble 907,
Pres. Lilian Mendoza de Abarca
Tecate DIF Address:
Calle Prof. Jose Glz. Duron, Col. Downey,
Pres. Alejandra Rdz. de Leon
Mexicali DIF Address:
Obregon y Calle E 1290, Col Nueva,
Pres. Maria Cristina Ramos de Hermosillo

Ensenada County

Ensenada DIF Address:
Floresta Entr 3ra. Y 4ta. #330
Ensenada, B.C.
Pres. Maria Elena Loyola de Arojona

Baja California Sur


DIF Address:
Aquiles Serdan y Rosaless C.P. 23000
La Paz, B.C.S.
Pres. Araceli Cardenaz de Cota

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