Setting up Your Trip


 We would love to have your mission team join us in serving the orphanage, and shelter children of Baja California Mexico. Since 2002 we are also serving the migrant poor children in our community.

 Ours is a Relational Ministry with a small amount of construction. Our focus is the children and building them up.

Your group will show Christ's love to the children you serve! Many lives on both sides of the border will be touched through your decision to participate in a Genesis Diez, A.C. program and walk along side Genesis in our ministry.

By joining us, you can expect:

  •  A safe environment for your group
  • The logistics on the trip will be handled-So you'll be able to enjoy and relax much more
  • Every activity or project will have meaning, purpose, and a long Lasting effect on the hearts of both those being served and those serving
  • Time to reflect on what is happening spiritually during your Trip
  • Tent/hut like dorms to sleep in on bunk beds (no mattresses)
  • Long lasting memories, new relationships, and stronger unity within the group
  • Your group participants will be changed in some awesome way by God
  • And of course an adventure!!


In choosing us, you will be trusting Genesis Diez A.C. with:

  • Caring for your group's safety & welfare
  • Placing your group with children from an orphanage or shelter. We Believe that by living together at Rancho Genesis Sur, your experience, and theirs, is greatly amplified!!
  • Selecting & empowering Mexican nationals to facilitate, interpret, mentor and care for your group and the children we serve
  • Determining, planning and prearranging each of the multi days activities along with your group's input and help)
  • Developing a custom built Mission trip that will successfully mix & balance your group's hopes & goals with the Genesis Diez, A.C. mission for the children of Baja.
  • Necessary & appropriate expenditures/donations of the program fees in order to create a memorable & meaningful trip for all involved.

 Please review the complete Mission Trip section of our web.

 Your student’s lives will be changed forever! If you, your students or family members want to give the gift of yourself to a one-on-one relationship with a child who has next to nothing, build spiritual awareness within your group and change your student’s lives as well as the child you serve - contact our Mission Trip Coordinators for further information.

 After discussing your trip possibilities by e-mail and/or telephone with the trip coordinators and you can’t wait to come, we will request a deposit to reserve your week [Easter and Summer fill very quickly]. You will then receive a full trip packet and required forms for your trip participants and due dates for donation funds and forms. We will begin customizing your trip to best meet the needs of the children you serve and to the goals of your group.

Mexico requires auto insurance. We would like you to check out this site Baja on-line auto & bus insurance Baja Bound and press on Genesis to begin online process for insurance.

Trip Coordinators:

 Greg and Patti Amstutz
Genesis Diez, A.C.
U.S. 619-997-7890

Mexico: 646-174-5257
[when calling from the US add “011-52” prior to the number.]

 Trip Policies

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 Thoughtful Extras
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